School Policies

School Rules

1. Students must not leave the school site during the school hours period without:

  • Written parental permission 
  • Approved by the school administration 
  • signing out at the office as you leave and signing in when u return
  • In case of a difficulty a pass must be obtained                                           

2. Permission to leave the class room must be sought and obtained from the teacher present 

3. All students are required to be in school by 8:30, regularity and punctuality      are required at all times

4. Silence must be observed at major activities such as Assembly ,etc.

5.The school uniformity must be worn correctly. The following are not         permitted :

  • Skirt above the knee.
  • Excessive jewelry- Girls are permitted one pair of school earrings,one finger ring  ,boys are permitted one finger ring, No earrings on boys will be tolerated.
  • No Elaborated hairstyles.
  • No artificial nails and nail polish .
  • Only black shoes are recommended.
  • Not to been seen on the streets, school compound etc, with rags or towels in their hands, around their necks or shoulder or hanging out of their pockets.

6. No indecent languages will be allowed at any time.

7. Absence must be reported in writing by parent or guardians.

8. Chewing of gum or smoking is not permitted on the school site.

9.Do not bring valuable items( cellphones, computer games, music players )     to school. All other properties should be marked.

10. Students must not damage any of the school's assets (e.g. Furniture, windows, equipment, cables, e.t.c ) Sitting on desk, table, chair arms, and rails is not allowed. Rocking on chairs and writing on furniture or walls is strictly forbidden.

11. Insolence insubordinate to teachers will not be tolerated.

12. Students are to use the bins provided for the disposal of garbage. No littering will be tolerated .

13.No two students must not be seen at questionable places such as the     City Gardens, Hotels, Cinemas, Arcade, and loitering on cars or bus parks,   street corners, etc, wearing the school uniforms.

14. No two students should be seen in a position that can be considered intimate or compromising .

15. Under no circumstances should a student use, possess legal or illegal drugs or alcoholic drinks on the school premises.

16. Students must do all homework assign to them, the school expects you to comply with all deadlines and other conditions for assigned homework.

17. Drastic actions will be taken against any student found to be in possession of dangerous weapon while at school.

18. The school will not harbor criminal activities in any form including stealing.