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The Institute of Academic Excellence was founded by Mr. Robert Roberts on September 12th, 2005 and is registered with the Ministry of Education.
Our Institution provides secondary education to:

  • Grades 7-11
  • Early School Leavers
  • CSEC/CXC Part - Time Classes
  • After School Classes & Lessons 

Our Mission is to:
  • Provide quality, comprehensive education in a diverse educational and cultural learning environment that supports student's success in pursuit of academic excellence, economic opportunity, and personal achievements
  • Enable all students to become lifelong innovative thinkers and productive citizens

'To be Respectful, Responsible, Reliable and Resilient"

  • Respectful by inclusive, honest, understanding, supportive and treat others the way we may want to be treated as an individual.
  • Responsible by keeping our promises, being accountable for our actions, protecting the rights of others and the rights of our school and doing our best in the community.
  • Reliable by being trustworthy, loyal, committed, both outside and inside of our school
  • Resilient by being determined, ambitious, and having the strength to achieve our goals
  • To support, empower and expect all staff to have knowledge of and be responsive to students and their families of all culture and circumstances.
  • To Provide a physical and emotional safe learning environment  through the development of personalized and grouped learning structures where each student is supported by a caring adult.
  • To support and empower teachers and staff to teach the curriculum using effective instruction practices and training. 
  • To support students and families as they undergo a transition into and out of grade levels.
  • To Align all school resources, program and department to attain high levels of student achievement and instructional excellence.
  • To recruit, support and retain a highly qualified staff.
  • To ensure a quality relationship with all parents and guardians to support student academic achievements.
  • To invite highly educated, highly experienced people to talk to our students.